Firework Burn Injuries

Posted: December 30th, 2012 | Author: Austin-Personal-Injury-Blog
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Used around the world and traditionally in the United States for Fourth of July and New Year’s celebrations, fireworks bring out the kid in everyone creating a sense of awe and amazement. Unfortunately, the misuse of fireworks or improper packaging can prove to be hazardous. So much so that the federal government placed them under a special law, The Federal Hazardous Substances Act.

Firework Injuries

The majority of firework related burn injuries involve hands, legs, ears and eyes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that in 2008 alone, 7,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to fireworks. These injuries included:

  • First-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burns
  • Loss of limbs and digits
  • Torn ligaments and Broken bones
  • Permanent scarring
  • Impaired vision or permanent blindness


More than half of all firework related injuries are burn related as the main ingredient is the highly explosive gunpowder. Teens in the 15-19 age group had the highest per capita injury rate among all age groups. However, exploding fireworks are not the only types that cause injuries; sparklers, generally considered safe for kids can be dangerous for children under five. According to an extensive study of injuries from fireworks, 7% of injuries came from fireworks and more than 65% of those were suffered by children five years old or younger.

In 2006 in the four-week period before and after July 4th, the CPSC found that roughly 1,000 children were injured by sparklers alone. The extremely hot temperature of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit produced by sparklers can ignite clothing and cause serious burns.

Physical injuries are not the only kind encountered in firework related trauma. Just as great, if not greater, is the mental trauma victims may experience. According to a study out the Netherlands in 2005, victims experience significant mental health problems, including: trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression and feeling of inadequacy.

Legal Rights

Because the sale and use of fireworks is regulated by federal and state law, you may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one has suffered a firework related injury. These could include current and future expenses as well as special legal damages, such as:

  • Compensation for medical expenses
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Safety First, then Teamwork

Fireworks are so well planted in our holiday traditions that most people are willing to take some risks to gain the enjoyment that fireworks bring. One option to ensure safety is to attend a firework display which nearly every town in America has already planned out. If you decide to shoot your own fireworks, they must be used with extreme caution and it is always easier to keep an eye on children when multiple adults are helping out.

If you or a family member has sustained a burn injury from a fireworks accident, Zinda & Davis PLLC may be able to help you recover damages. Our professional lawyers understand the laws concerning this type of personal injury lawsuit. We invite you to fill out the form on this page or give us a call. We will evaluate your case FREE of Charge. All information you share with one of our attorneys is confidential.

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