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Your life can be painfully altered in just a few seconds when tragedy strikes. After the shock of the incident subsides a little, you may have questions. Often, we hear of tragic cases where a product fails causing someone’s untimely death. When a product contributes to someone’s death, it’s important to follow the supply chain and discover who is at fault.

Product manufacturers and suppliers understand that they have a legal responsibility to give us products that will not endanger our health and well-being in any way. When this does occur, the result can be serious injuries or even death.

 Accidents DO Happen!

Though you may not think this is a very prevalent problem, the truth is that in 2004, over 167,000 people died in America as a result of an injury. In one case, a heart stent placed in a heart attack victim caused blood clotting resulting in death. In another, a seat belt failed in a minor accident and caused punctured lungs and spleen. In still another, a spa heater failed releasing toxic fumes and killing a two-year old child.

When accidents like this occur, it’s important that the victim’s family hire a qualified professional wrongful death attorney. An investigation into the details of the accident should be performed as soon as possible. Witnesses must be interviewed and evidence gathered in order to provide the best possible legal representation to the family.

You Need a Team of Legal Experts on your Side

Zinda & Davis PLLC has been assisting Texas families for years in wrongful death lawsuits involving defective products. We go to work immediately gathering information and evidence on your behalf. We work to get the family the best settlement possible and if no agreement can be reached, we then take your case to trial.

Having an excellent Texas wrongful death lawyer on your side can make the difference between a settlement of thousands of dollars and one that involves millions of dollars. Zinda & Davis will see that you get the comprehensive legal representation that you deserve.

If you or a family member has been involved in a serious accident involving a defective product of any type, please contact Zinda & Davis today. We will evaluate your case FREE of charge and counsel you on whether you should move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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